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Our First Blog Post!

We are finally gearing up to launch our new site, and one of the last steps is getting our blog up and running. I thought I’d take the opportunity of this first blog post to fill you all in our latest adventures, scouring the Kansas plains for treasure!

We’ve spent the last few weeks finishing up products for the website and have traveled around the state visiting flea markets and vintage shops. We’ve had so much fun exploring the vast Kansas countryside! So many things to see!

Along the way we stopped at one of our favorite “shops” in Central Kansas where there are rows and rows of vintage and historic memorabilia, and multiple barns full of 100-year-old wood, it’s hard not to buy just about everything!

Here’s a shot of a few our finds:


We’ve already begun the meticulous process of thoroughly cleaning the goodies, and have started drawing up plans for the new items that will include these special vintage pieces. Fun note, the Wenzelmann box, pictured above, is circa 1900-1909. What a gem!